The Exam Day - The Oral Bergenstest

What to expect?

The candidate is given a number, location, and timeslot for the oral test, about 10 days before the exam day. Plan your way to the exam venue to avoid delay or stress. The candidate will be called up by the examiners at the specified time and an ID will be checked.

The oral exam takes about 15-20 minutes. It consists of three different parts, and an additional task, if the examiners need to hear more in order to give a mark.

In the first exercise, a candidate gets to see some pictures, which they then must describe.

Be aware that you can get images that are related to your profession. For example, a professional driver can get pictures of traffic in the city and must describe what he sees. A person who works in health can get pictures that relate to health. An example from a previous candidate was that he worked in the healthcare sector as a nurse. He got pictures of different ‘alternative treatments', which he had no experience with, and which does not relate to his profession. He answered that this was not connected with the profession, because alternative treatments are not used in hospitals. He then went on to describe specifically what was in the pictures.

Exercise 2 consists of an allegation that the applicant must comment on and justify their own opinion. The candidate is given a few minutes to prepare and think about the pros and cons. The task requires the candidate to give a full and clear answer regarding the allegation.

The third task is the longest and will build on what the candidate has talked about in exercise 2. Here the examiner and the candidate will hold a discussion. Examiners may ask questions or ask the candidate to explain more thoroughly the subject of the second exercise. This is a conversation or a discussion between the candidate and the examiner.

An additional task may come up if the examiners need to hear more in order to mark the candidate. This may be either additional questions or a graph/drawing/illustration that the candidate must describe. Questions may be added to the description. Here the candidate does not have much time to think and must respond quite quickly and correctly.


Tips for the oral Bergenstest


  1. To speak correct Norwegian is more important than the content.
  2. It is important to expand your vocabulary
  3. Pronunciation is important
  4. Grammar
  5. Language Flow
  6. Speak slowly, clearly, and correctly 
  7. Do not talk too slowly



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