The Exam Day - The Written Bergenstest

What to expect?

On the exam day, the candidates must arrive in good time before the exam starts. Make sure you bring a valid ID (passport, driving license) and your candidate number that was sent to you. This will be checked before the examination begins.

Candidates must turn off their cell phones and put their belongings on a specific place in the exam room.

Then, a booklet with the first part of the exam is given out. All candidates start with Reading Comprehension which consists of 3 texts with multiple choice or short answer questions. You get one hour to answer this part. When the time is over, the Listening Comprehension part is played once through a speaker. This part contains 25 conversations and news reports with multiple choice questions. Towards the end of the task the candidates have 10 minutes to transfer their answers to the answer sheet. Only the answer sheet will be assessed, so if it is not filled, a candidate lose points.

Format and structure of the Bergenstesten. What is the Bergestest
The bergenstest exam day!

What is next is an interview which is played twice and you get 45 minutes to write a report of the interview. It is a good idea to write notes during the interview so that you remember the important information. It is not allowed to return to the exercises in Reading Comprehension or Listening Comprehension.

When the reading and listening parts are finished, there will be a break of about 30 minutes. Then you can go out, have lunch or just relax.

After the break is over, part two of the written Bergenstest commences, which consists of the Grammar, words and phrases and Written production assignment. Part two last about 2.5 hours, but you can leave as soon as you are done. In Grammar, words and phrases the candidates get 30 sentences (sentences B) which must be filled in so that they are complete and have the same meaning as sentences A which are given.

In the Witten production part the candidates get a choice of two topics. The aim is to introduce the subject of the topic of choice by means of objective information and discuss the pros and cons. One must also justify their opinion on the subject. The essay must be about 350 words long.

The candidate number must be written on all answer sheets, not the name.

Candidates can use pencil for all examinations except the Written production where one must use ballpoint pen. Candidates can also use a pen for the report if they want.

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