1. When and where is the written Bergenstest conducted?

There are 14 different places where the written Bergenstest takes place. The exam can be taken three times a year, usually in January, March/April and September/October. Make sure to check the registration deadline and exam dates at the Folkeuniversitetet website.

2. When and where is the oral Bergenstest conducted?

There are 6 different places where the oral Bergenstest takes place. As with the written Bergenstest, it takes place three times a year, about three weeks after the written exam (Usually in January February, April/May and October/November). Make sure to check the registration deadline and exam dates on the Folkeuniversitetet website.

3. Where can I sign up for the Bergenstest?

Once registration is open, you can only register for the Bergenstest via the website of the Folkeuniversitetet.

After you have signed up, you will get a profile and receive an email, in order to be able to log into your profile at the Folkeuniversitetet website.

4. What is the cost to take the Bergentest?

The price for the written part of the Bergenstest is NOK 2390 (2021). The price for the oral part of the Bergenstest is NOK 1090 (2021).

5. If I change my mind, can I opt out after I have registered for the Bergenstest?

You can opt-out of the exam until the deadline runs out, and then get your money refunded.

6. Can I change the test site if I want to take the Bergenstest somewhere else?

One can change the test site until the deadline expires, and if there are still seats available. Once the deadline has expired you cannot change the exam location.

7. After I signed up for the Bergenstest, I did not get any information on where and when the examination is. When do I get it?

It is only 10 days before the actual exam that information about the time and place will be sent out to the candidates. The candidate number will also be available on your profile by logging into the Folkeuniversitetet website.

8. When is the result ready for the written part of the Bergenstest?

In about 8 weeks after the test has been taken, you can log in to check your result on the Folkeuniversitetet website.

9. When is the result ready for the oral part of the Bergenstest?

 The result is ready in 14 days.

10. Will I receive a letter in the mail?

If you pass the test, you will receive a certificate through the post.

11. What happens if the test site I want to take the Bergenstest is fully-booked?

If it is fully-booked, you can join the waiting list. Note that if you sign up for the waiting list a seat is not guaranteed. If space becomes available, and you are next on the list, you will be contacted by the Folkeuniversitetet offering a space. You are not bound to accept the place if you are offered one. If you are not contacted, there has unfortunately not been room for you. Folkeuniversitetet keeps the waiting list 10 days before the exam. After this time it is not possible to admit new candidates to the exam.

12. I have dyslexia, can I apply for special arrangements?

Yes, you can. Folkeuniversitetet welcomes applications for special arrangements until 3 days after the registration deadline. Note that this applies not only to dyslexia but also to other needs. A candidate can receive additional time, one hour, divided by half an hour for each of the two parts of the test. The answers are treated as usual and the certificate is also as usual.

13. Can I apply to take the exam on a PC?

Yes, Folkeuniversitetet emphasizes the importance of assisting those who need it, and you can apply for permission to use the PC without a correcting programme. There is the same deadline as for other needs for adaptation.

14. What happens if I get sick on test day?

If you have a medical certificate, you are entitled to get the exam fee refunded minus the security deposit (2016: NOK 1000 for the written exam and NOK 500 for the oral Bergenstest). You must submit “sykefraværesskjema” found on the website of the Folkeuniversitetet. You must attach a medical certificate and send it to Folkeuniversitetet within 10 days of the test date.

If you do not show up for other reasons, or you leave the Bergenstest without completing the test or deliver the complete answer, you have no right of review and refund.

15. Is it possible to take the Bergenstest abroad?

Yes. It is only possible to hold the written part abroad but you are however not required to sit for the exam abroad. You must submit an application for an exam abroad to the Folkeuniversitetet.

Test abroad is held only twice a year, in April and September/October.

16. Where can I take Bergenstesten abroad?

The Bergenstest abroad is held at an approved Norwegian station eg. an embassy, consulate or the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirke). However, it is the candidate's responsibility to ask whether it is possible to have them as a test organizer and provide them with the necessary information. Note that the test fee is 3500 NOK. In addition, the candidate is responsible for charges, postage, and any other fees to the local test site. The deadline to apply for the Bergenstest abroad is earlier than the test in Norway and it can be found on the website of Folkeuniversitet. To find the specific dates press here.

17. When can I take the Bergenstest in 2021?

It depends where you want to take the Bergenstest. On the major location such as Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Haugesund, Tromsø, and Oslo have the exam in 16.january in 2021. For other locations, please have a look at the Folkeuniversitetets website. 

Good luck from the team at Bergenstest.no, Bergenstest.com, and Bergenstesten.com