The best ways to prepare for the Bergenstesten is to do as many example tests as possible. This is what we believe at and here you can access 11 full sample tests for the written part, bokmål. The sample tests include all 5 exercises and have the same number of questions as the actual Bergentesten.

Our sample tests

The second and third texts from Reading Comprehension (Exercise 1) are a little bit longer than the sample texts provided by the Folkeuniversitetet. It is hard to make texts which have the same difficulty level, but we try to avoid making our sample tests easier than the actual Bergenstesten. Our goal is that our clients will feel that the actual Bergenstesten is slightly easier. The purpose of and is to give you many opportunities to exercise for the exam.

All sample tests contain 25 short conversations or messages with multiple-choice questions. You can find these in Listening Comprehension, exercise 2.

Our sample tests include 11 interviews for writing a report with 9 different people and a diversity of topics which will give you an opportunity to practice writing a report.

There are 30 tasks in Exercise 4 (Grammar, words, and phrases) in each sample test. In total 330 task, which is a lot of training for the actual Bergenstesten.

Finally, in Writing, exercise 5, there are 22 topics for you to write an essay. Here you must present the topic in an objective manner and then discuss for and against the topic. 

If you are unsure about the meaning of any new words, make sure you check these in the dictionary after you have completed the sample test. The use of any studying materials (dictionary, notes) is not allowed at the actual Bergenstesten.

Please note that we do not offer any "Eksempeltester" that is made and sold by Folkeuniversitetet. Our content is made from scratch and we do not offer any of the content from past exams or sample tests that is made by Folkeuniversitetet.

Fullversjon Demo Eksempeltest

Eksempeltest 1

Eksempeltest 2

Eksempeltest 3

Eksempeltest 4

Eksempeltest 5

Eksempeltest 6

Eksempeltest 7

Eksempeltest 8

Eksempeltest 9

Eksempeltest 10


 Good luck with the exercise!